PCA 13

PCA European Journal of Post-Classical Archaeologies, 13
2023, 320 pp., 143 imm. a colori e in b/n
Brossura filo refe, 17 x 24 cm
ISBN: ISSN203978952023

€ 42,00
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The thematic section (Research) focuses on the city between late antiquity and the Middle Ages, a theme that has been at the center of archaeologists’ attention for forty years, now approached from new angles. Following this, in the Beyond the Theme section, five contributions analyse very different aspects of mediterranean archaeology of the late antique early medieval period, from ceramic distribution, economic trends and food practices in the Aegean region, to religion in an Egyptian mining context; a new interpretation of the function of villas between the 4th and 6th centuries in north-eastern Spain; the hypothesis of a continuity of bovine ritual sacrifices until modern times in northern Italy; and documentation of alpine architecture in the context of Monte Baldo, where participatory archaeology research has been ongoing for years. This theme is extensively developed in the section dedicated to a project involving the engagement of a local community in Puglia in a public archaeology initiative.

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